With the advent of the internet during 1960s the whole world seemed to be got connected like a cobweb. Internet is a short form of the internetwork which means the connection of more than one computer. With the advancements in the science technology website came into act. Website is a set of web pages containing writing, software and audio visual media. All the websites that are accessible by the general people are in all called World Wide Web. It was created by a CERN physicist. Website creation is a cumber some process. Website creation needs a detailed knowledge on the various computer programming language like HTML, CSS, JAVA SRCIPT many more. Among which HTML is the basic one. Website creation uses codes written by various programming languages and allow to hyperlink two of the web pages.

Website creation is not only the lone work. After website creation it needs to get registered in a respective domain. This process needs expenditure as for hosting website a particular domain with a typical URL is need. This is a onetime pay. However there are many website which allow their domain for the other website creation. Here the new website uses the domain of the service provider website. Almost all the features are available for free of cost but to get hold of all the features the concerned person needs to pay. This type of setting up of website does not need any kind of knowledge about the programming languages. All the features are preprogrammed and given in the website in a graphical interface to make it easy for the users. Even an amateur can create a website of his own using the features given just by clicking and adding them.

Nowadays ホームページ制作 has become a profession for many who know the coding languages. Many companies like Google and Apple allow website creation under their banner. Apple hosted IWEB for making of new websites. This allows almost everyone from the business firms, to the advertising company to the people who are seeking jobs. Google gives a free trail of 30 days web hosting and then start charging for its facilities under it. Several software systems like PHP, ASP.NET, etc. There are mainly two type of website creation. One of which is the Static website and the other one is the dynamic website. In the static website the viewers and the source page is completely same. In the dynamic website viewers can customize the website depending upon certain rules.